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Our Company is dedicated to provide the best Car Upholstery services, for all types of vehicles.

We take our projects  with a  professional approach we guarantee  that are staff  is certified and they  will work with you in all your projects.

We specialize in Upholstery replacement,Upholstery repair ,Headliner repair,Upholstery restoration, Custom upholstery,Repairing and replacing convertible tops and fabric roof covers, and Marine and boat upholstery.




Upholstery replacement

When the seat, carpet or interior trim of a vehicle is beyond replacement or when a customer wants a new interior, for a custom car for example, a talented auto upholsterer can replace the entire upholstery of a vehicle.
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Upholstery repair

If the damage to a vehicle’s upholstery isn’t too significant or widespread, experienced upholsterers can repair minor damages such as burns, rips and tears for a wide range of upholstery such as seat covers and headliners and materials including vinyl, plastic, leather, fabric and carpet.
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Headliner repair

Because it’s typically attached to the interior roof using adhesives, special steps usually need to be taken to repair a sagging headliner.
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Upholstery restoration

For owners of vintage or classic cars who wish to preserve their vehicles’ original equipment, replacing old upholstery with new isn’t always an option. An upholsterer with experience in upholstering classic and older vehicles may be able to preserve and improve that upholstery, making it look new again.
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Custom upholstery

To achieve a truly custom, personalized look for your vehicle, one of the most effective options is to install custom upholstery. From custom embroidery to exotic leathers, a customer auto upholsterer or interior specialist can provide uniqueness and individuality to any ride.
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Repairing and replacing convertible tops and fabric roof covers

Although the heavy-duty vinyl or canvas that comprises most convertible tops or fabric roof covers is designed to be waterproof, durable and long-lasting, over time the elements can take their toll. An auto upholsterer that provides convertible and fabric roof services can repair or replace these features.
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Marine and boat upholstery

Although the basic premise of boat upholstery is the same as automotive, marine upholstery may require a specialist. Because boat cockpits and interiors, and bimini tops or canvas covers, are typically exposed frequently to water and UV degradation, marine-grade materials that are more durable, more water resistant or waterproof and resistant to UV degradation need to be used.
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